2015 – 2016


Buildings need energy to provide lighting, thermal comfort, data processing and other services to their users. As a result, they´re responsible for 50% of Brazil’s electricity.

In order to evaluate and implement measures to improve building performance, there is a need for a framework that can evaluate both user satisfaction and energy performance.

In association with the CBCS and Procel Edifica, with financial support from the British Embassy, this project developed state-of-the-art techniques for building performance evaluation and implemented them in Brazil. Partnerships with Arup and CarbonDescent brought UK knowledge and technology and made them available in Brazil.


Mitsidi led the development and implementation of the project. Our specialist team carried out a series of services aimed at preparing a knowledge base and infrastructure in Brazil for building performance. This included:

  • Adapting the BluePrint energy auditing software to Brazil;
  • Adapting the Building Use Studies occupant satisfaction analysis in Brazil;
  • Carrying out and publishing pilot studies on iconic buildings in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro;
  • Developing guides for energy auditing and efficiency in datacenters; and
  • Training Brazil’s top energy efficiency specialists in the principles of energy auditing.


The national energy efficiency programme Procel has adopted energy performance of existing buildings as a key principle, based on Mitsidi’s work alongside the CBCS. This project will form the basis for future training sessions, research work, publications and large-scale implementation of energy efficiency programmes for existing buildings.

Read more about the BUS methodology here (Mitsidi is a registered BUS partner).

The CBCS site has more information and presentations on the project here.