Mitsidi Projetos won second place in the Businesses in Operation category at the Connected Smart Cities Competition 2016. There, we presented our new service, known as Recupere. The name is a Brazilian acronym for Cost Reduction in Buildings and Residences).

Recupere is an automated software that performs audits for residential buildings in a matter of hours. The end goal is saving building occupants money by reducing resource consumption.

Arthur Cursino, Technical Director at Mitsidi, presented the service to a panel of judges. Mitsidi came in second only behind CPFL Renováveis. They won first place after an initial tie for first.

The Connected Smart Cities prize aims to reward businesses that are making cities more intelligent by transforming and improving the connection between a city and its citizens. The competition consisted of two categories; one for pre-operational businesses, and the other for businesses already in operation; each category had 5 semi-finalists.

Recupere identifies possibilities for resource reduction in residential and commercial buildings. The tool not only reduces the time of an energy audit to 4 hours, but also produces an intuitive report for the building manager. The report presents various options, in order of overall value and payback period, for how the building can more efficiently use energy, water and gas.

In the coming months, Mitsidi Projetos is looking to take advantage of Recupere’s scalability. Our objective is to expand the tool’s use in the residential and commercial building market of São Paulo.

Mitsidi would like to thank the Connected Smart Cities organization for hosting the event and providing a place for innovative companies to share their work.

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