This past Monday, the Innovation Center of Denmark (ICDK) and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic School (POLI-USP), represented by Prof. Dr. Alberto Hernandez Neto, promoted the Brazil-Denmark Workshop for Intelligent Energy Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

The objective of the event was to promote the meeting of highly-innovative Brazilian and Danish institutions for the presentation of local and international projects related to the sector of building energy efficiency. Those invited were representatives of both countries’ industries, the most reputable universities and academic research centers and also leaders of energy efficiency and management consultancies.

Arthur Cursino and Alexandre Schinazi, of Mitsidi, presented the business and its principal work to the Danes and Brazilians, with a special focus in Research and Development (R&D) projects executed in partnership with international public organizations.

It was also an opportunity to present the DEO project of CBCS and unveil the energy benchmarking platform, where, for the first time, building managers can evaluate the performance of their building compared with those that exist in the brazilian market.

The Danish representatives exposed the energy reality of their country, where energy efficiency initiatives are organized in clusters – institutions that combine Industry, Academia, and Public Power to foment innovative projects. It also became evident that, from the visitors’ point of view, comfort and behavior of building users are essential when talking about energy efficiency. We agree, as we already wrote here!

Mitsidi would like to thank the event organizers for the invitation and opportunity to participate in the workshop!