In the three years since we founded the company, Mitsidi has evolved and grown rapidly, while remaining true to our founding principles. We have a vision for transformational change, not just in the energy sector, where we work directly, but in a much broader sense, encompassing the way businesses are managed in Brazil and how the relationships between people and teams develop in a working environment.

These three years have been quite an adventure.

But time passes quickly and when we stopped to look around, we realised that we weren’t such a small company any more. The team has grown, the clients are bigger, contracts are more complex, but perhaps what has grown the fastest is our desire to make the world a better place.

We have worked hard to develop a new website that can reflect the more mature company we are today, and show our core values even more clearly. We hope that the readers will find this to be a space for active discussions and allow our friends, clients and colleagues to follow our work and participate actively in our mission to transform construction and energy in Brazil, and now abroad.

Happy reading.

Edward Borgstein