This is Mitsidi's research hub, where we develop new projects and ideas.

We integrate academia, policy and practice to work at the cutting edge of our fields and lead the energy transformation. Sharing knowledge is a part of our ethos and wherever possible we publish our work and promote dialogue. We have a culture of innovation and our teams are always working on new ideas or developing research projects on-demand.

What we think

Buildings and industry account for nearly 70% of energy consumption worldwide. If we are to limit the effects of climate change, protect economies from volatile oil prices and work towards a world of abundance and autonomy, we must develop radical ideas and transformational changes in the way we use energy.

We believe that the combination of distributed generation (solar power) communication technology (smart grids) and deep energy efficiency puts us at an inflexion point, where the energy grids are able to rapidly shift away from today’s centralised generation towards network models. Thus a combination of technologies and management systems makes every building a potential energy generator, increases systemic resilience and gives control to users over how much energy they use, of what sort and at what time.

It is highly feasible to design zero energy buildings, that are connected to the grid and produce as much energy as they consume throughout the year. Under net-metering legislation (as in Brazil), this means that the building user will pay no energy bills, without needing subsidies. We propose this model on a larger scale, through community-led renewable systems or city-block interventions.

In tropical and sub-tropical climates, we believe that integrated design and intelligent bioclimatic architecture can make zero energy buildings a reality without increasing costs. In most developing countries, buildings consume far less that their equivalents in Europe or North America. Developing “tropicalised” and appropriate designs, energy systems and energy policies means countries like Brazil can follow a more efficient and effective development pathway, showing international leadership in mitigating climate change.

What We Do

The transformational change we propose requires integration between research, practical application and public policy. Our consultancy work, developing energy management programmes for major clients, gives us a unique baseline, so we can use our practical experience to enrich the R&D work at Mitsidi Intelligence.

Here are some examples of the type of work we do:

Research innovative energy efficiency solutions

Our teams develop and test new products, services and systems that could have significant impact on energy efficiency or distributed energy generation. We recognise the need for new ideas and innovation in this sector and our day-to-day work with our clients leaves us well-positioned to understand the demands and see potential.

Develop national energy efficiency programmes

We put our expertise and international experience in practice by working closely with national or state governments, to develop and implement best-practices in energy efficiency policies and programmes for the buildings and industrial sectors.

Run training programmes

Alongside several different public and private sector partners, Mitsidi’s specialists run training programmes for energy efficiency, energy management, energy auditing and related areas.

Incubate start-ups and new technologies

Where we identify new ideas that demonstrate the potential to be “game changers”, our team develops a minimum viable product, and puts them through a market validation strategy. Where the demand is demonstrated, we start to invest in developing the new system, service or product and bring it to market at scale.

Publish best practice guides, standards and policy documents

Open access to information is key to a real transformation of the sector. As we develop know-how and understanding, we aim to publish best-practice guidance, technical methodologies and case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of energy reduction programmes.

Carry out market research

Our wide range of expertise and constant contact with large clients means that Mitsidi’s services are often contracted to carry out market research or demand mapping for the key areas we work in.

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