For our fellow architects,

Mitsidi Projetos offers various consultations in energy simulation: if you have an architectural project and want to make it more efficient, or want to learn about thermal loads, or even pick the right system for air conditioning, lighting, facades, materials or orientation; we have the perfect solution for you!

This is exactly what happened with the Emergency Public Hospital at São Bernardo do Campo, by SPBR Arquitetos. This project, already in the construction phase, received the energy consulting services of Mitsidi and was internationally-recognized when published in the GA Document International 2015.

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Occupying a plot of 17,500m2, with a primary façade facing Joaquim Nabuco Street, the building is composed of 2 overlapping blocks, connected with a stilt-supported open-air overhang.

With the support of Mitsidi Projetos, the annual energy consumption of the building was calculated, using specifics from the air conditioning options by air chiller and water chiller, the estimation of natural gas savings from using solar water heating, and the electricity savings from photovoltaic panels, always keeping in mind the comfort of the internal environment.

With the energy simulation, it was possible to obtain a reduction of 24% of the thermal load of the air conditioning using a strategy of natural ventilation in some less-utilised common spaces. This reduction eliminated the need to install air conditioning equipment for an area of 4,000m2, reducing the overall size of the equipment and, therefore, the total cost of investment.


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