About Us

Our Vision

We believe in the radical transformation of the energy sector as a crucial step towards an equitable, sustainable and low-carbon future. This change will not come through a single template, but rather a new mindset and design thinking to develop thousands of solutions appropriate to different contexts.

Mitsidi brings together committed, idealistic and brilliant people, with diverse backgrounds and histories, to build an organisation which can be a driver and a catalyst for the change we believe to be necessary. Our people and our vision form the core of everything we do.

Mitsidi's History

Mitsidi Projetos was founded in São Paulo in January 2014 as a collaboration between high-level specialists delivering research and consultancy projects, in a sector that clearly lacked both technological and managerial innovation.

A group of brilliant professionals quickly formed around Mitsidi’s core and it became clear that by pooling resources and working together, we could drastically increase our impact. From the start, we were multidisciplinary, with engineers, architects and environmental managers working closely on our projects.

Transparency and openness are core principles at Mitsidi, and we collaborate, share knowledge and exchange ideas wherever possible. This helped us to develop an international partner network and strong links with research keep us working at the cutting edge of technological development and innovation.

Our team grew rapidly as we brought together more people who shared our fundamental vision. At the start of 2016, we moved to a new headquarters on Rua Pedro Taques, where we have minimised our own environmental impact by installing smart meters, rainwater water harvesting and more.

Mitsidi is now established as one of Brazil’s most influential energy consultancies. We provide energy management and design to some of the largest organisations in the country, and play a leading role in the development of research and public policy in the energy efficiency sector.

Who have we worked with



Mitsidi has supported us in highly complex and important projects for a few years, and the results have always left us and our governmental partners highly satisfied. The team that was put together for each job was very dedicated and highly qualified in the area, as well as being extremely professional in the way they carried out the work (technical work, presentation, interaction with clients and report preparation). It is a pleasure to work with them!

Tatiana Cyro Costa

Project manager


Mitsidi worked rapidly and excellently to meet all the demands our company made. With a very well-prepared and experienced team, Mitsidi carried out energy simulation of a building which allowed us to specify the energy efficiency actions to be implemented.

José Zloccowick

Project manager


Mitsidi provided excellent services to our project. After developing two mapping reports on Energy Efficiency in Buildings and in Industry which reflect in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian market and its needs as well as of state-of-the art technologies in the EU, they are now helping us organise matchmaking missions with Brazilian and EU companies to establish business partnerships between these companies

Juergen Mendritzki

Team Leader

Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil

Associations and partners

At Mitsidi, we strongly believe in the benefits of collaboration and shared knowledge. We take pride in working alongside the best and brightest, through partnerships with companies that share our values and through membership of organisations which effectively promote sustainability and energy efficiency.